London International Creative Competition

This is the year that the world should hear about you.
Forget about Hirst, Spielberg and Amis. We want new, fresh, talented artists who go beyond the pale and know no boundaries.

Don’t doubt, just trust, because the London Creative Competition, LICC believe in you and your creative expression. If you think like us, that art is something to be celebrated and shared, needless of who you are or how you show it, then hit the submission button and get in your entry.

Getting seen and heard for your worth is hard. LICC understands this. So not only will your artwork be juried by a board of internationally esteemed artists, writers, curators, gallery owners and other prophets of the visual arts, but those in the final selection and shortlist will be published in the LICC Annual Awards Book, a showcase of creativity.

Sound good? Well, it gets better. The shortlist will also be published on this very website and be announced to media outlets worldwide. Plus the final 15 will receive the London Creative Awards unique Trophy and a chance to have their work presented at the LICC virtual awards ceremony.

Oh yeah. There is also £2000 to be won for one worthy winner, as chosen by our very creative jury, Also, one student will receive the title of “New Talent of the Year and £1000 in cash prize.

This year’s categories are listed below for you delectation. So get creative, get entering, because frankly, we cannot wait to see what you’ve got.

Architecture, Audio/Music, Design (Environmental/Fashion/Graphic/Interior), Drawing/Illustration, Installation, Mixed Media, NetArt/Web Design, Painting, Performance art, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture, Textile,Video and Film, Writing, …



Two prize-winner will be chosen by the jury to receive, the £2,000 cash prize for professional and £1,000 for students.

Entry Fee

One little thing – we do request a small fee for your entry but we promise it’s worth it. The fee pays for the administration costs and to publicize the winners

Professional: £30 single or series*
Students/Non-Professional: £15 single or series*


A series is 2-5 images, sharing a common theme or concept and a single title.

Please note, that to make the competition more accessible to an international community, entry fees have been discounted for some countries, so please do check out the list to see if you qualify. Click here for the list

Use of Images

Your rights…plus a few of ours.

Copyright and all other rights always remain that of the Artist. Any image(s) used by LICC shall carry the artist’s credit line. Use may include publication in any LICC media sponsor publication. All entrants understand that any image submitted to the competition may be used by LICC for marketing and promotional purposes directly related to the LICC competition only. Request to use an image will be sent out prior to each use for the artist’s approval. The artist has the right to refuse any use of her/his image, outside of the London Creative Competition Website and Annual Book.

Submission Guidelines

Important bit here – please do take the time to read the following; we don’t want to have to reject your entry for being a few too many pixels.

Digital Submissions

Digital submissions must be saved as jpegs (.jpg), 72dpi, and not exceed 1000 pixels in height or width.

Digital and Multimedia Submissions (Sound, Film and Video)

Submit a URL link to your online work and please ensure that only the submitted entry is on that webpage. Youtube and Vimeo are good examples of places to do this.

Writing Submissions

Writing submissions must not exceed 500 words and are to be submitted in a word document or PDF. Book example submissions are to be in a multi-page PDF and not to exceed five pages. This ensures the writers amongst you are all judged fairly, so please take note.

NetArt and Website Submissions

You may enter the URL in the description portion of the online entry.