International Graphic Design Awards, The IGDEA Awards

The International Graphic Design Awards, The IGDEA Awards with its different categories calls all graphic designers, from the largest study or agency to the small independent designer that offers its design services to customers.

The works registered to the IGDEA Awards will be evaluated by applying the Veredictas system certification, which means is the same sector that values the works presented and the jury does not know the author of the works.

The IGDEA international jury is formed exclusively by members nominated by the most important organizations in each country, only professional members, without business or protocol engagement; Expertise members only.

Verdicts certifies all the evaluation process as it does since 20 years in over 25 countries worldwide.

The IGDEA Awards want to establish a standard of excellence to value the excellence of the graphic design market by showing the winner works of designers and studies and that this excellence is given by the organizations of the sector itself.

Registration open until 31/07/2017

ADP collaborates with The IGDEA Awards.

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